Our Services

"My own front door and my own space"

  • Fairport Care promotes positive outcomes for young people. This is underpinned through life skills, education and employment.
  • Young people are referred to Fairport through Tusla, HSE, and similar state agencies.
  • We provide a safe environment for young people – that empowers and supports them to achieve their goals.
  • We build on the existing work of foster carers, social workers and residential placements in preparing young people for adulthood. 
  • Our Aftercare team provides tailored plans, guidance and practical living support.

Person-Centred Care

"I always feel supported"

  • Fairport Care work in collaboration with the young people to provide a holistic and therapeutic approach to Aftercare. We promote client strengths, resilience and have an outcomes-based approach. We do this through respect, empowerment and dignity.
  • Fairport advocate on behalf of all young people which supports independence and fosters positive wellbeing.
  • We develop our young people’s social skills and social confidence to develop effective relationships within their community.
  • We collaborate with multi-disciplinary professionals such as educational and training placements, JLOs, EPIC, and An Garda Síochána.

Experienced and Qualified Support Team

"I feel very at home and staff are easy to talk to"

  • Our Fairport team is committed, enthusiastic, appropriately qualified, multi-skilled and has extensive experience to enhance the outcomes for our young people. 
  • Our social care workers play a key role advocating on behalf of young people in conjunction with other agencies with particular regard to housing, social welfare, education and training, community resources and counselling services. 
  • At Fairport we provide advice, guidance and support within a therapeutic residential setting.
  • All staff are required to carry out CPD and relevant training in line with best practice. 
  • We build and maintain a positive rapport with families and other professionals with a bonified interest in the young person’s lives.



We form part of a multi-disciplinary team linking young people to communities and resources.

Fairport assists young people to transition from care into successful independent lives which requires multiple agencies working in close collaboration. 

We are a private residential resource for Tusla Child and Family Agency. We also collaborate closely with:

  • An Garda Síochána

  • Crosscare

  • Educational and training placements

  • EPIC

  • External therapeutic agencies